Interesting article on Supreme Court ruling No. 74/2015 of 15 January on perpetual clauses against Anfi's contracts.

I have recently come across this article, written by professor Joaquín J. Forner that published in the International Company and Commercial Law Review, 2015 [Sent September 2015]. For its undoubted interest I reproduce it below:

"Nullity of Contracts. Timesharing. Inter Temporal Law. Norwegian Claimant. Spanish Supreme Court, Civil Division. Judgement of 15 January 2015 (74/2014) (XV. ANFI SALES, SL) by Joaquin-J Forner.

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Tip 1. Are you selling your Timeshare?

 If you are planning to sell your Timeshare please have in mind these tips:

  • Research. Search online to read what others have written about the selling company. Investigate to see if the company has a physical office, not just a mail drop address. 
  • Never wire money. Wiring money for a business transaction or upfront fees should raise a red flag. It is the same as sending cash – it is not traceable or refundable.
  • Legal advice. As selling a timeshare is a legal property transaction, it may pay to get legal advice. Make sure you have all documentation in writing from the company.