Another victory against ANFI: Contract declared void with the awarding of legal costs.

The is a judgment of Court nº 3 in Maspalomas. His Lordship has declared null and void the two contracts my clients have signed with Anfi, both 2013, granting them with the return of the monies paid less the deduction set by the Supreme Court. So, in the first contract, from a total of 9.270,00 the amount to be returned is left in 8,713.80, whereas in the second goes from 17,100.00 to 16,074.00.

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ANFI condemned by Court nº 1. Floating Contract and return of 9,526 pounds.

This is the judgment that I mentioned yesterday on my Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can also follow my updates quicker).

It is a judgment of the Court of First Instance No. 1 of Maspalomas. This Court, together with No. 5, are the only two who are not holding Trials because they do not consider the interrogation of my clients necessary, so they issue a judgment directly after the Preliminary Hearing ("Audiencia Previa")

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105 Supreme Court judgements so far...

Today I’ve checked again how many sentences of the Supreme Court are about Timeshare. Currently there are, at least, 105, from which 42 belong to Silverpoint, 37 to Anfi, 8 to Palm Oasis and 6 to Puerto Calma plus a few others. Impressive, all this since 2015...

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What is exactly what the Supreme Court has ruled? 

In general terms what the Supreme Court has ruled is that:

a) Undetermined object. Timeshare contracts must have a clearly determined and described object, according to the mandatory requirements set in the law. This is why floating or even apartments describes as "T1-2Bed", etc, are ilegal...

b) Indefinite period of time. It is not only that perpetuity contracts are null and void, any contract

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