Is Timeshare a SECT?

There are times when I have that impression, it is very easy to enter but very difficult to leave. Timeshare is a business that is not bought, is sold! potential buyers are almost always captured in public places, when they are relaxed and enjoying their holidays, and sent to the usual resorts to be subjected to high pressure sales procedures. Why is it necessary to make the purchase on the same day? What other business works in the same way? What would happen if the sale was explicitly prohibited by law on the same day? What would happen if the same day in which the potential clients receive the presentation about the benefits of timeshare, the sellers had to let them leave without signing .anything, and only if the buyers were interested would they have to return the next day to sign the contract? To me I think the story of timeshare would be totally different.

And then, why is it so difficult to let the clients leave the club, waiving the money invested? Do you imagine that in any club, whether sporting or social, in which you become a member you were then prevented from leaving? Would this be even legal? If what they sell is so good, what danger is there in leaving old members to go? Soon the new ones will come, right?

There are times when I have the impression that what the Clubs want is that once you are inside you can not leave, like a sect, isn’t it?