Are you an Anfi Member? Have you paid any money within the following three months of signing the Contract?

Perhaps you might be interested to know that the Las Palmas Court of Appeal, Section 5,  has stated on multiple judgments that any advanced payment done before the end of the cooling off period involves the payment of twice the amount paid, if the contract is declared null . If it is not, the refunded amount will be exactly the same that was paid in advance.

This is interesting because it gives the opportunity to any Anfi member (or from any other Club, of course) to claim what was improperly paid without even cancel his/her contract.

Basically what these sentences come to say is:

-Any amount of money paid in advance, within the THREE MONTHS after signing the contract is illegal. It is no only within the 10 days, but three months!

-The member shouldn't have made use of that contract during that period.

-It doesn't matter if the money was given to a third party (trustee) or to Anfi directly. In both cases the jurisprudential doctrine applies.

-These amounts can be claimed any moment, there is not prescription time.

On many occasions the amounts paid are very high, even getting itself to pay the full price within the said three months. In this case you could ask the return the entire amount of the contract and yet still retain it. It is a very interesting conclusion to this line of jurisprudence.

If the claim amount is small maybe some club members could join their claims in one single procedure and this way reduce the costs.