ANFI condemned by Court nº 1. Floating Contract and return of 9,526 pounds.

This is the judgment that I mentioned yesterday on my Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can also follow my updates quicker).

It is a judgment of the Court of First Instance No. 1 of Maspalomas. This Court, together with No. 5, are the only two who are not holding Trials because they do not consider the interrogation of my clients necessary, so they issue a judgment directly after the Preliminary Hearing ("Audiencia Previa")

In this case it is a partial estimation. This means that not everything we asked for was granted. The nullity of the contract was declared, based on the "perpetuity clause contained in the contract, with return of monies paid -once deducted the compensation established by the Supreme Court- but we were not granted the refund of the money paid in advance. The reason was that, according to her Honour, it was not proven when the same was paid, despite having been made on the same day of signing of the contract ...

For this reason, because we are not granted the refund of the advanced money, we are not granted the legal costs.

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18-04-18 DOOLER. Sentencia de Primera Instancia. SBT 1. Estimatoria parcial sin costas 1 - Publicada 20-04-18.jpg