Problems between Anfi shareholders? Is it a war? Interesting newspaper article in today's local press.

Interesting newspaper article in today's local press. Problems between Anfi shareholders? Is it a war?

Acording to this local newspaper the Lyng family is demanding Santiago Santana Cazorla to give up Anfi Group Management. They have started a criminal complaint for misappropriation of funds and are finalizing a lawsuit to require the entrepeneur to return 8.6 million euros.

The positions between de major shareholders that make up the Anfi Group seem irreconcilable. The Norwegian part of the touristic emporium, represented on the Board of Directors for the eldest son of the late Björn Lyng, not only has sued against Santana Cazorla partner for misappropriation and unfair administration of society, they also claim the resignation of Mr. Santana Cazorla as president of Anfi at the next meeting of shareholders, while their lawyers prepare a lawsuit to require the gran canarian builder the money back  allegedly diverted to their companies.

This amount of about 8.6 million euros is what Anfi International BV has denounced in  the criminal complaint filed against Santiago Santana Cazorla, his brother Manuel and the Anfi Group CEO, Antonio Ramirez. The latter is accused as a collaborator and the other two are listed as alleged perpetrators to authorize the controversial transfers to pay private debts of their companies. The three, through its press officer, have refused to give explanations on the matter.

The lawsuit, which handles the Court of Instruction No. 3 of San Bartolomé, also asked the judge to take precautionary measures, including the revocation of powers that allow Santana to make decisions regardless of their partner. Both participate in the exploitation of Anfi del Mar in equal, but canarian businessman  has a golden share that gives him control over the board.


Lyng's heirs have chosen the criminal route to attempt to neutralize his decision making power because it is apparently faster than civil. And the request for resignation is almost doomed to failure because Santiago Santana Cazorla himself controls the board of directors.

In fact, business sources consulted say that the Norwegian family already demanded this resignation in 2010. Then came a period of social peace that has exploded with this criminal complaint and civil demand to require Hermanos Cazorla the repayment of amounts diverted from Anfi Resorts Anfi Sales SL and SL. The shareholders' meeting is scheduled for August and the tension between partners continues to grow.

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